Columbia Medical Center

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Boiler Plant Expansion and Chilled-Water System Optimization
New York, N.Y.

Project cost 
$15 million construction cost
Time frame 

Chilled-water piping modifications completed - April 2001
Boiler plant expansion completed - June 2003

Practice areas involved 
District cooling systems
District heating systems
Key services provided 
System optimization
The challenge 

In 2001, as NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) was preparing to install a new 120,000-lb/hr boiler and auxiliaries at its Columbia Medical Center boiler plant, the hospital needed to solve a problem: how to rig the new boiler, specified by another consultant, into the boiler room with its very limited access space. The hospital's chilled-water system operations and distribution were also in need of optimization at the time to increase capacity and correct flow problems. NYPH called on WM Group to tackle both these challenges.

The smart solution 

After the other consultant had specified a field-erected boiler, WM Group developed a smart solution for NYPH involving a packaged boiler, which ultimately reduced construction costs. The firm also studied the chilled-water plant system serving Columbia Medical Center using a hydraulic model and created an optimization plan that reconfigured the system to an all primary pumping system - further adding to the plant's cost savings.

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