New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center

Chilled-Water System Optimization
New York, N.Y.

Project cost 
Time frame 

Project awarded for New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Study – August 2007
Design initiated – March 2008
Feasibility study completed – February 2008
Design completed – May 2008
Contract award – June 2008
Construction completed – March 2009

Practice areas involved 
District cooling systems
Key services provided 
System optimization
Construction administration
Operations advice and training
The challenge 

NYU Medical Center built two new chiller plants in the last seven years. The ever-increasing energy costs and requirements of NYSERDA forced the center’s energy services group to review the facility’s performance and optimize performance. NYU Medical retained WM Group Engineers to improve the performance of its chilled-water system.

The smart solution 

As part of a feasibility study, WM Group conducted a detailed survey of the site’s chilled-water generation, distribution and utilization system. All chilled-water plants were primary/secondary pumping system with booster pumps. WM Group performed hydraulic analysis and determined the system could be converted to a virtual central variable-volume system by removing more than 20 pumps and reducing power peak demand by 700 kW. A $600,000 grant from NYSERDA supported the system conversion to a variable-volume primary system. Additionally, the analysis determined bottlenecks in the distribution system, and a second project was chartered through NYSERDA to remove those bottlenecks.

“WM Group is a respected firm and is a leader in the field of chiller plants and pumping efficiency. They often present and educate the public on the latest trends in efficient chiller operation and pumping.”

John Bartlik, Associate Director of Energy Services, Real Estate Development and Facilities