"‘Band-Aid Solutions' Often Cause More Problems Without Overall Systems Review"

Hemant Mehta, PE, and Christopher TSO, PE, WM Group Engineers.

This paper will discuss several case studies where "Band Aid" solutions have led to more problems than solutions with overall systems review. Several case studies are as described below:

  1. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)
  2. The Pennsylvania Capitol Complex
  3. Hospital for Special Surgery
  4. Brown University

The cases described above represent what happens when multiple consultants modify different portions of the same system and only focus on their own project without an overall review of the whole system. As a result, these "Band Aid" solutions create systems which are more and more complex and which become unable to provide the required capacity. In almost all cases, an overall system review indicated that simple piping modifications would solve the problems and would enable the systems to satisfy their loads while saving substantial operating costs.