Plant Operator Training: Participant Comments

WM Group Engineers trains plant operators so they can optimize district heating and cooling system efficiency each and every day. Here are some comments from recent training session participants:


  • Hemant Mehta delivered quite a bit of technical information in a manner that kept our attention throughout the whole session. It was well prepared and illustrated with his drawings on the white board.
  • I thought Hemant Mehta’s class was very impressive and insightful….even some of the seasoned employees got a lot out of it as well.
  • Training/PowerPoint presentation informative.

What part did you find most useful?

  • The information that he compiled on both plants was good. 
  • To rethink old and new ways to operate plant.
  • I found that the whole strategy for operating our plants was the most useful because it was laid as sort of a guide on how to successfully operate our [chilled water] plant and it would be nice to have everyone on the same page.
  • Hemant Mehta’s relating data to operating conditions.