Have you checked your chilled-water system's health lately?

Even a district energy system needs a checkup now and then, and WM Group Engineers is ready to evaluate the health of yours for free at IDEA’s 100th Annual Conference & Trade Show June 28-July 1, 2009.

Does your chilled-water system show any of the following symptoms?
• delta T lower than 12 degrees F at any time of the year, particularly spring
  and fall
• annual cost for fuel and power exceeding $6 per square foot of your facility
• use of a primary/secondary or primary/secondary/tertiary pumping system

If so, it’s time for a checkup!

Visit WM Group Engineers’ trade show booth (#T2) for a free preliminary diagnosis and recommendations for optimizing your system’s equipment and operations and improving your bottom line. Please bring a one-line diagram of your chilled-water system and operating logs for two to three days a month for one year.

We’ve helped bring dozens of chilled-water systems back up to par. Take, for instance, these organizations:

Louisville Medical Center, Duke University, Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, Bristol-Myers Squibb

For larger views of the graphs and to see more of our success stories, check out www.wmgroupeng.com/savings.

Get your system started on the path to better health! Come see us at the IDEA conference or contact Hemant Mehta, WM Group, for smart solutions that can save you energy and money. Sign up here to receive future WM Group tips and newsletter emails.

Learn more about IDEA’s annual conference here.

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